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Video meetings, video calling, and simplified live streaming / recording. Video communication for every occasion on a dedicated, truly global network.

Video meetings + calling through the cloud

Video makes business communications richer, more productive, and more human. Video meetings and calls from any device in dedicated meeting rooms through the cloud. When you and your team communicate, don't just be heard, be seen.

Simple, scalable video meetings

Video meetings should be easy. Each license provides a virtual meeting room hosted in the cloud. One room enables simple video meetings in just a few clicks for up to 50 video or audio participants. Professional video meetings, whenever you need. 

No technical or hardware implementation is needed, so it's easy to get started. Deploy and scale the service in however it suits your business.

Host and join video meetings in seconds

Room hosts can invite guests to start and join a video meeting with nothing more than a couple of clicks. Smile, you're about to be on camera.

Unlimited video. Unrivaled performance

Experience a global network designed and built just for video and experience unlimited HD quality video for smooth, productive meetings. Professional video performance for any business.

Fully compatible with Skype for Business

Each participant can access your meeting room via a Skype for Business account, offering full video and audio functionality, including 2-way screen sharing. 

Connect any device. Invite everybody

Guests can access your room at any time, using any device. Each participant can dial-in using a traditional purpose-built videoconferencing unit, or select their preferred device: smartphone, tablet, or computer, via their web browser, or by using the dedicated My Meeting Video app. 

Often referred to as "interoperability", this means you can easily connect different video platforms and technology, plus telephone audioconferencing, all at the same time and in the same meeting. Video meetings that don't need their own IT support team to get everyone around the same table.

Talk with confidence. Secure meetings and encrypted video

Calls are encrypted to keep your private data for your eyes only.  Add your own security with conference PIN codes for each room, plus the Lock my room feature to close a room once all guests have joined.

2-way content share

Supports 1080p shared content display. Share presentations, application windows, web pages, and more with the rest of the meeting room. Review, edit, brainstorm, or design with anybody for true real-time collaboration. Available for both hosts and guests and across all platforms and devices. There’s that helpful interoperability again.

Simple scheduling with Outlook + Google

My Meeting Video Schedular integrates with your Outlook or Google calendar to make scheduling video meetings easy. Schedule a meeting in your regular room or using a "one-time" use room, and add the dial-info for the meeting directly to your calendar invites.

Video calling with unlimited minutes

By using the personal video address provided with a Personal room license and the My Meeting Video app, you're able to place and receive ad hoc video calls from any video address using standards-based videoconferencing (SIP/H.323), on any network. Easily call video contacts, inside or outside your company, for simple video calls on any device.

Centralized management & reporting

Easily keep an overview of your service.  From the administrator dashboard, company admins can: monitor call history and user statistics in the company, add / remove users with easy drag-and-drop functionality, and reset passwords and PIN codes. 

Multi-video room system dial-in included

There are no restrictions on how each user joins a meeting room. So that's one host plus 49 guest feeds, all simultaneously accessing the meeting in the way that’s most convenient for them: with a browser, through the supported apps, or via purpose-built SIP/H.323 videoconferencing units. And it's always unlimited dial-in no matter the video platform users choose.

Audio-only dial-in with unlimited mins

Each room allows unlimited audio-only dial-in for guests via traditional telephony (available from 55 countries) or VoIP/data telephone networks, so nobody has to miss out when video is not convenient. Using Audio + presentation only mode, guests can join a meeting as an audio participant but still view shared content.

Not another password

Everybody hates filling in passwords. SSO (single sign-on) helps to authorize and identify your company’s users on the network by letting them use the same login credentials as the other systems they already use. Rescues people's time, but more importantly their sanity, with simple, secure workflows.

Be more visible with video addresses on your company's domain

Domain hosting provides you with customized video addresses to match your company email to make sharing and remembering your video addresses easy. And it lets everybody know where your room is @.

Download the app

The My Meeting Video app transforms any device into a powerful videoconferencing system. 

Join, invite, host, schedule, call and manage from anywhere; it's the videoconferencing app that gives you the complete picture.

Videxio for Video Units, dedicated subscription plans for videoconferencing units

Unlimited HD calling on a dedicated video platform with automated network management. From personal video units to large room systems, each subscription offers the power of face-to-face meetings with any video user with standards-based videoconferencing (SIP/H.323).

Safe, secure calls over a trusted network

All calls are encrypted and carried through our dedicated global video network instead of the public internet whilst each subscription provides your videoconferencing unit with its own unique address.  So it's simple to use video calling to carry out even your most critical communications.

Image courtesy of Cisco Systems

We get you into the meeting.

Enable connectivity in your conference rooms like never before, with cutting-edge workflows for joining almost any video meeting. We offer various integration options for automated dialing into almost any professional meeting service from your video system:

  • Cutting-edge "scan to join" technology with MeetingConnect
  • Meeting Room Mode offers "one tap to join" workflows 
  • Integrate with existing "one button to push" hardware or software solutions, such as SynergySky, Crestron etc. 
  • "" 
  • Gateway add-on services to connect your video systems into Skype for Business and Google Hangouts

We work with the industry leaders.

We're compatible with a wide selection of models offered by the leading industry suppliers of videoconferencing units, including Cisco, Huawei, Yealink, and Polycom to ensure high-quality performance and ease-of-use on every call. 

Seamlessly connect on video behind your corporate firewall

Each subscription allows you to dial out to, and receive calls from, external networks without pesky technical issues or compatibility challenges. Connect with any SIP/H.323 video address on any network just as easily as connecting with someone on your company network. Easy-to-use video calls for you and your contacts, with no interference, just crystal clear pictures. 

Image courtesy of Cisco

Skype for Business Gateway

Our gateway service enables easy, direct 2-way dialing between videoconferencing units and your Skype for Business users, as well as scheduled Skype meetings. Help people do even more with video. 

Meeting room mode

Fast, effective wireless, “one tap to join” functionality to call directly from video units into scheduled meetings on Videxio, Skype for Business, Zoom, BlueJeans, and more (requires My Meeting Video app + Android 5.0 device or higher)

Plug 'n' play activation

Activating your device couldn’t be easier with our activation app to help connect your video unit to the service in seconds so you can start making video calls right away.

Automated contact directory

The contacts directory that stays in touch for you. Automatically updates with all the other video addresses registered in your company network. Search and dial contacts with just a couple of clicks.

Unique video address

Each video address is formatted like an email to make it easy to remember - and share. Choose domain hosting to get video addresses matching your company email.

Easy content sharing

Live screen share allows you to display presentations, web pages, or other content in 1080p to the other people on the call for real-time collaboration.

Unlimited HD video calls

Each subscription provides unlimited HD video calls to any SIP/H.323 video address on any network, as well as unlimited dialing into our meeting room service.

Firewall traversal

Makes it possible for your video systems to be registered safe and sound behind your corporate firewall. Maintains your security whilst still allowing you to easily place and receive calls from video addresses on external networks.

A managed network to keep things simple

Your video unit connection comes with automated network monitoring to ensure the best connection possible at all times. The service also allows you to seamlessly dial and receive calls from any video address using SIP/H.323 protocols, on both internal and external networks, without annoying technical hiccups or interruptions. 

And if you need to switch the physical location of your device, there's no need to re-register it at the new location - you can simply plug 'n' play.

Image courtesy of Cisco Systems

A streaming / recording solution for reaching unlimited audiences with live and on-demand video events

Create and record amazing video events with hosts and participants in multiple locations, for audiences of any size. From company all-hands, town halls, or lectures and discussion panels, to training seminars, help your live events go from your meeting room and around the world.

Do more than just videoconferencing. Stream / record directly from your virtual meeting room

Use a Videxio virtual meeting room to stream / record events with up to 50 video feeds. Audiences watch via a live stream, or recording link, in their browser on your chosen third-party streaming platform. So there's no limit to the size of audience you can reach, whilst people can start watching without having to download extra software or plugins first. 

Choose to share the live stream link and / or the recording link however you want, either publicly or privately, to reach the audience you want. 

Create video events with no infrastructure

Beyond one of our virtual meeting rooms, there's no extra resources, hardware, or technology needed to host an event.  

The video participants can join the event from any mobile device, computer, or purpose-built videoconferencing system. Each event is then shared directly from your Videxio meeting room in the cloud, to the selected streaming / recording service. Use the same resources to reach 1 million viewers as easily as one. With no extra cost either. 

Easy-to-schedule events for simplified planning

Users can schedule events inside any room they have user permissions for. Use the scheduler tool to create new events and generate sharing links in seconds, without needing any IT support. 

Share and promote links ahead of a live streaming event for anything from launching new products, to running customer success forums, or internal training seminars. Then distribute the archive links afterwards for people to access the event recording.  

Stream / record on demand

Recording a video stream without sharing it publicly allows you to create a “private” recording only you can access. As a room host you can start live streams and recordings on demand, straight from the user dashboard inside your meeting room. It just takes a couple of moments so the integration can connect to the chosen third-party platform, then you're good to go. Each participant inside the room is automatically notified a live event is now active. 

All sharing links are then displayed in the host's dashboard for complete control over how and when to share a live stream or archived recording.     

YouTube integration for streaming / recording events out-of-the-box

The YouTube integration offers a fast, simple workflow to stream and record from your virtual meeting room directly to a nominated YouTube Live account. 

Get ready for live video events with video contributors in multiple locations, broadcast and archived on a dedicated worldwide platform with only a few clicks.

The custom integration. Amazing videoconferencing events broadcast on multiple 3rd-party platforms

For enhanced flexibility, advanced users can select the custom RTMP integration. RTMP (Real-Time Messaging Protocol), is a standard technology used throughout the streaming industry.

Configures the Videxio service for streaming / recording to your choice of multiple selected third-party streaming platforms. Supported services include industry leaders such as Facebook Live, Periscope, Qumu, Kaltura, and many others. Choose your perfect combination of event, platform, and audience. 

YouTube integration

Creates an "unlisted" stream to a nominated YouTube Live account, which is automatically stored as a private recording. The live stream and recording are not publicly visible on YouTube, only accessible with the unique URL link generated for each event. Share the link before, during, or after, with the audience of your choice.

Custom integrations

Easily connect to some of the world's leading streaming / recording platforms without having to solve complex technical compatibility. Generate the "stream key" via your chosen streaming/recording platform and simply add to the unique RTMP event in the Videxio Live dashboard. Sharing links created by your chosen platform help you share a stream / recording in your preferred way.  

Self-service event scheduling

Regular users can create new events without IT support. The scheduler tool lists only rooms the user has permission to access. Select the time and date, name the event and generate the event links in moments. View your upcoming events in the dashboard. 

Stream / record on demand

Room hosts can record from inside their meeting room with no prior scheduling. The recording is broadcast by Videxio Live as a "private" stream to your chosen platform. Follow your platform's usual sharing workflow to either make the live stream "visible", or choose to review / share later.  

Secure viewing with unique links

Every event, both scheduled or on-demand, generates unique sharing links for streaming to the chosen third-party platform. As the event owner you have total flexibility in how to share these links with selected audiences in accordance with the account / privacy settings of your chosen platform.

View & share from dashboard

Past events are organized and listed inside the user dashboard. Hit the copy button to quickly share the recording link however you want, with whoever you want. Files are hosted by the chosen platform the event was broadcast to so you don't need to worry about maintaining large volumes of stored data.

What users are saying:

“We have been using Videxio’s streaming solution integrated with YouTube for our monthly all-hands and it has proven to be a very reliable and effective way to reach out to all parts of our organization with teams located all over the world. Using YouTube ensures easy access for everybody anywhere in the world with no limitations on participants.”

Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, Wrigley has operations in approximately 50 countries and distribution in more than 180 countries.

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