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My Meeting Video

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For desktop, mobile, web, and meeting rooms.

Enjoy simple, professional videoconferencing from anywhere.

The videoconferencing app for fun, productive video calls and meetings from any device. Keeps you firmly in the picture - wherever you are.

My Meeting Video

The videoconferencing app for PC/Mac, Android & iOS devices, web browsers, and meeting rooms.

Professional video meetings and calling from any device.

Join video meetings, plus place and receive video calls, from any device, all with the touch of a button. At the office, working from home, or on the road, choose to join calls and meetings from your smartphone, tablet, or a good ol' fashioned desktop. 

Easy to host and join video meetings from anywhere.

Access your room from any device, manage guests during a meeting, or join another room from any device:

  • View Participants' List and disconnect / mute guests (hosts)
  • Add new guests to a current meeting (hosts)
  • Search and join other rooms in your company
  • Use your smartphone as a "remote control" to manage your meetings on your larger devices

HD video calling (no meeting room required)

Video calls are like telephone calls, only better. With My Meeting Video, registered users with a personal video address can place and receive direct, point-to-point video calls 

  • Use your personal "standards-based" video address formatted like an email address
  • View your recent calls log on all devices
  • Place and receive calls inside your web browser (no download needed)
  • Call video contacts (no meeting room)

Manage your schedule on-the-go.

Out of the office? No problem. With My Meeting Video for mobile it's easy to keep on top of your meetings so you don't miss a thing.

  • View upcoming video meetings in your schedule
  • Schedule new meetings with your device's synced calendars instantly 
  • View and join your next meeting with a single tap 

An automated contacts directory + star your favorite contacts.

My Meeting Video features an automated contacts directory that updates with each active user in your company network, and across all of your devices, so it's always easy to find who you're looking for.

  • Search for contacts in the search bar or scroll through the directory tab
  • Dial contacts outside your company by entering their full video address into the search bar
  • Save favourite contacts or meeting rooms to your Starred items (even contacts outside your company)

Audio-only options for more flexible collaboration.

We know live video isn't convenient for every single call or meeting. Audio + presentation only mode lets you join a meeting or call using "audio only," without any video feeds. But here's the really clever bit:

  • You're still able to  share content from your device (desktop & web)
  • Plus view any content shared by the other participants (all devices)
  • The mobile app also let's you make regular audio calls using your phone's data network connection for better sound quality than traditional telephone calls (PSTN)

Wireless screen sharing for conference rooms and huddle rooms - no setup needed.

If you're using a meeting room with a larger videoconferencing room system installed, finding the the right leads to share content from laptops or other devices can be annoying. Wouldn't it be so much easier if you could do it all wirelessly instead? 

  • Simply dial into a Videxio meeting from the room's video system
  • Then, from your laptop, join the same meeting from the desktop / web app using Audio + presentation only mode
  • Now share your presentation or other content 

Choose meeting room mode

Once upon a time, joining scheduled video meetings was hard. Addresses were too long and hard to dial. Meetings on a different video service might as well have been hosted on a different planet. 

  • Use with videoconferencing units registered with any Videxio for Video Units plan 
  • Meeting room mode integrates the app with your work calendar 
  • Enables easy “one tap to join” functionality for joining scheduled video meetings 
  • Works with meetings hosted on Videxio, Zoom, Skype for Business, BlueJeans + more

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