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Videoconferencing, Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business. Do them all. Seamlessly.

Extending the reach of your enterprise collaboration.

Our cloud video conferencing interoperability (CVI) solutions seamlessly connect professional video conferencing systems (SIP / H.323 devices) into Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business meetings. Connect people, conference rooms and huddle rooms.

Complex enterprise video collaboration. Out-of-the-box.

Deploy enterprise-grade video interoperability for standards-based video conferencing systems and Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business, right out of the box. 

With no complex technical implementation or additional hardware required, you can invite and instantly connect any standards-based video conferencing hardware directly into your Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business environment.

Maintain native user experiences and scheduling workflows.

Users simply have to schedule a meeting via Outlook or the Microsoft Teams app as usual. 

  • The correct joining links for standards-based video conferencing systems are automatically added to calendar invites when users schedule a meeting
  • Users maintain their native calling experience either from their app or from the video conferencing system device they’re dialing from

IT privacy. Simplified for IT and your users.

Maintain effective privacy for your Microsoft Teams meetings whilst still making it incredibly easy for end users to manage meetings. With the Trusted devices option, your company’s video systems are automatically authenticated as if they were a Microsoft Teams user:

  • Video systems registered on the same company calling domain as the CVI service are authenticated as Trusted devices
  • Trusted devices bypass the Microsoft Teams company “lobby” page and connect directly into the meeting 
  • Guest video systems are connected into your Microsoft Teams company “lobby” page waiting area until a participating Microsoft Teams user can admit them into the meeting 

We get everyone into the meeting with easy "wireless" dialing

No matter your hardware or software deployment, we can help you build incredibly easy user experiences for joining meetings. Combine our CVI solutions with wireless “one-button to push” workflows for joining Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business meetings from video conferencing systems:

  • Wireless “one-button to push” dialing feature available for Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business and other exernal meeting services
  • Integrate with existing native “one-button to push” dialing solutions for Cisco and Polycom touch panel solutions
  • Integrate with existing third-party touch screen solutions (Crestron, AMX, etc.)

Connect any SIP / H.323 videoconferencing

Enable any standards-based video system to call into Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business (Skype service requires federation).

Concurrent calling licenses

Only pay to connect as many video systems as you actually need to connect into meetings.

Burst capacity

Additional concurrent calls beyond your standard agreement are automatically connected and invoiced (monthly) to help you manage temporary increases in usage without interrupting user connectivity.


Enable the gateway protocols in your Microsoft settings and your hardware and users are good to go.

Maintain native user workflows

Users join meetings in their usual way, whether on their personal device or from a conference room system.

Trusted devices

Your company's video systems can be authneticated and admitted directly into a Microsoft Teams meeting, bypassing the company "lobby" page. 

Branded calling domains

Your company's has a unique calling domain that's used to dial into your company's meetings from video systems and included in calendar invitations.

Easy automated scheduling

Users simply schedule a new meeting in Outlook or the Microsoft Teams. The correct joining links for video systems are automatically added to the calendar invite.

2-way content sharing

2-way HD content sharing supported between video systems and Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business with native user experiences.

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