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Joining video meetings just got fun.

Often, the biggest challenge of a video meeting is joining.

Video addresses can be long and complicated, making them awkward to dial. Not only that, but different meeting services will use different address formats that make meeting invites hard to understand for many users and guests. All this adds up to a headache for both users and IT teams struggling to maintain productivity and efficient meetings.

All your meetings, managed.

With video systems registered with a Videxio for Video Units planMeetingConnect creates a single, incredibly easy, workflow that works for all meetings and professional video conferencing systems:

  • Users walk into any available meeting room and scan the QR code with their smartphone 
  • Our “scan to join” technology provides local remote access to connect to the room's video system
  • Once connected to the video system they simply select the meeting they wish to join from their meeting schedule with the My Meeting Video app 

We know, dialing into video meetings can kind of suck.

We increasingly live in a user-centric world. Mobile devices, apps and wireless technology are simplifying tasks and making our lives easier. But for many, calling into video meetings from dedicated video systems (SIP / H.323 devices) regularly fails to live up to today's user expectations of seamless technology experiences.

Video meetings should be about the people, not the hardware. 

Usually, hosts must consider which video system(s) and meeting room(s) should be included in the scheduling workflow when planning video meetings. 

But people have meetings with people, not devices:

  1. Hosts don’t always know in advance which video system(s) will be used by participants to join the meeting
  2. Guests won't always know how to join different types of video meetings from different video system

Agile teams shouldn't need to worry about booking rooms or the type of video systems being used for a meeting. With MeetingConnect, scheduling workflows are based on the participants' calendar schedule, not the predetermined availability of individual video systems or meetings rooms. 

Many people are already familiar with using a smartphone as remote control to access other devices and control apps etc. MeetingConnect takes advantage of familiar mobile workflows to connect the user's smartphone to a video system to provide local remote access.

Maximise videoconferencing infrastructure with enterprise-ready mobile technology.

How do enterprise IT teams make sure the benefits of existing meeting room technology are being fully maximized, and that video collaboration resources are  easily accessible to all?  

  • With MeetingConnect, any company user can walk into any company meeting room and connect with any video system by scanning a unique QR code with their smartphone
  • They can then call into any scheduled video meeting, regardless of location or the type of video system

Join any meeting

Works for both internal and external scheduled video meetings. Supports dial in for meetings hosted on Videxio + Pexip, Skype for Business, BlueJeans, + more. Check full list here

No hardware investment

Works with existing legacy hardware and the users' personal smartphone. So there's nothing to install or update in your meeting rooms or software infrastructure.

Easy to set up with your existing hardware / software infrastructure.

MeetingConnect doesn't require any large up front investment and can be setup by your IT team in just a few minutes:

  • There's no additional hardware to install in your conference rooms or software to integrate
  • Creates the next generation of "one button to push" joining workflows for any video meeting without additional third-party solutions
  • Simply generate the unique QR codes and place them next to the corresponding video system
  • Users just have to download the My Meeting Video app on their smartphone so they can scan a QR code once inside a meeting room

Single workflow

Reduce user error and increase productivity. One easy workflow for joining any video meeting that works for any type of videoconferencing room system (SIP devices).

Mobile technology

Users just need their smartphone to join meetings. Instantly add ad hoc meetings to a user's schedule via our mobile app. Great for huddle room collaboration. 

Scales with your company

As easy to implement for one video system or hundreds. Add a new video system and all you need to do is generate the QR code and place it in your meeting room.  

Built for enterprises

Fully leverage your entire video conferencing infrastructure to empower simple collaboration for all

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