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Getting Sarted with Videoconferencing

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When considering investing in videoconferencing, what steps does your business need to think about in order to make sure that both your business goals are met and that your users have a fun, productive video experiences?

This page offers a comprehensive guide to help you understand all the elements of successfully implementing simple, yet high quality videoconferencing workflows people will actually use. From driving user onboarding to answering questions from your IT team, to choosing the right hardware, here’s what your organization needs to know:

1. Implementing Videoconferencing at Scale

How can any organization effectively roll out videoconferencing in a way that it's easily available for any user who needs it, and can handle different devices and technologies, plus external users outside your company. But on top of all that, doesn't demand too many resources from IT to manage?

Today, users' needs change daily depending on their current working environment and what tools they can access at any given moment: 

- when at the office; working from home (or “WFH”); on the go

- With cloud video it’s easy to enable professional videoconferencing for almost any user, using any device

- From purpose-built videoconferencing hardware (SIP/H.323 devices) in conference rooms and huddle room spaces to individual users on desktop or mobile devices.

To build a robust videoconferencing solution no matter the size of your comp, you should consider four basic elements:

A. Type of videoconferencing hardware

What kind of audio visual hardware (camera, microphone, speakers, display, control panel etc) is available. Does your company already have specialist hardware for videoconferencing?

i) Including dedicated video systems and personal devices - desktops, mobile devices etc. 

ii) With cloud videoconferencing, since it supports almost any devices you can choose what hardware is deployed, whilst giving users the freedom to use their preferred device


B. The right software 

Due to it's size live video data is hard to transfer across ordinary public internet networks. Our cloud network provides you with a dedicated software service that is optimized for live video communications. That means better meetings with less lag, or low quality images or sound.  

i) User plans for activating individual users for videoconferencing from anywhere

ii) Hardware subscription plans to activate purpose-built videoconferencing units in dedicated meeting spaces 

iii) Videoconferencing app so users can easily manage their video use on multiple devices at any time

iv) Any user should be able to join a video meeting without being forced to download software first

C.Integrating with existing tools 

i) Is it easy for both individuals and teams to schedule and host video meetings?

  • Videxio offers automated scheduling for individuals with the My Meeting Video for Outlook app
  • Teams can manage their meeting room schedules with our Meeting Room Mode feature

ii) How simple is it for both internal and external guests to join a meeting from different devices?

iii) Is joining or managing a video meeting from a shared meeting space with a videoconferencing setup a similar user experience to joining a meeting from a personal device (say at your desk or working from home)

iv) How easy is it to call between purpose-built videoconferencing room systems and individual video users?

  • Videxio provide an automated contacts directory with all your company’s video addresses stored for fast dialing
  • Our user plans and our device subscription plans all use the same “standards-based” video dialing addresses. These address are formatted like an email address to making calling across your fast and painless
  • Our Skype for Business gateway service connects your purpose-built videoconferencing devices to your Skype for Business users via Microsoft’s enterprise cloud solution, Azure. So you can have super easy direct, two-way calling between your company’s meeting rooms and individual Skype users - and Skype meetings


Read more about how Videxio integrates with Microsoft solutions.

D. Number of Users

i) Videoconferencing that empowers people and teams is not only about the number physical meeting rooms systems you have set up, but the number of users who need to collaborate on video at any time

ii) Videoconferencing is not just about group meeting workflows, but includes video calling between individual users (one-to-one conversations between people can replace email or chat tools that have)

Videoconferencing that empowers people and teams is not only about the number physical meeting rooms systems you have set up, but the number of users who need to collaborate on video at any time



2. Types of Workspaces 

There are three main workspaces that videoconferencing is usually deployed in. The great thing about Videxio's solution is that you can simply use the same software deployment in different spaces. The only thing that changes would be the type of video hardware needed for a particular space. Here’s a quick description of the four different spaces: 

1) Dedicated / shared meeting spaces (offices)

These include any size of meeting room, from smaller huddle rooms to regular meetings rooms, right up to large executive conference rooms and auditoriums. These spaces typically employ large, high resolution displays and wide angle-lens cameras so multiple people can participate in a video meeting from the same video system.


2) Personal Workspaces (offices + at home)

Sometimes a meeting room is busy, or it’s just more convenient for a users join a meeting from their own desk instead of a shared meeting room. With Videxio, not only can users easily use their PC to participate, but any guest, even if they’re not a regular Videxio user, can join a meeting using a regular web browser, without downloading extra software first. 

Since our virtual meeting rooms support up to 50 video participants, individuals can easily join from their own PC at their desk, rather than trying to crowd several people around one small screen. And the great news is that because you access our service through the cloud, the workflows for joining a meeting from home are the same

3. On-the-go

People travel and don’t always know where they’re will be working from for every single meeting scheduled. The My Meeting Video app is available for desktop, as well as Android and iOs devices. So whether you’re a Seattle hipster remote working in a coffee shop, or simply traveling for business and need to join a vital meeting, but you’re stuck at the airport, professional videoconferencing has gone mobile. You just need a network connection to take part, or even host a meeting on the go.


3. What can your teams use videoconferencing for? 

Almost any type of meeting can be hosted via videoconferencing. But being a bit more specific about the types of meetings people will need to host, and the types of users who will be taking part can help you to fully understand the scope of your video needs. We’ve listed a couple of common video meetings and the technical implications they have: 

1. All-hands or town-hall style meetings across your whole organization

These type of events usually need a way to broadcast the video event to a much larger audience beyond the active video participants. This type of event needs to be able to combine videoconferencing with some type of live streaming / recording solution. Videxio Live allows users to connect any Videxio meeting room to many different third-party streaming / recording solutions.     

2. Meetings with external guests outside your company network

You don’t always know what technology or hardware external users are using, so your video collaboration should be able to easily support external guests. Also super important, is the ability for guest users to join without being required to download additional software in order to use the service. 

This is particularly important since many users prefer not to be forced to download software; in many enterprises, company issued devices require admin user permissions to do more than basic operations, so individual users cannot download extra software themselves.

With Videxio, because anybody can join one of our meeting through a web browser without having to log in, register, or download anything to get started, it makes ideal for hosting video meetings for external guests. The Videxio service can be accessed with all major browsers, including Linux users running compatible browsers.  

3. Video collaboration with your existing Skype for Business Users

Many companies already use Skype for Business and would like to include them in wider video collaboration workflows. All our virtual meeting rooms can be joined directly from a user’s Skype for Business app, whilst our Skype for Business gateway service connects your dedicated videoconferencing units to your Skype for Business users via Microsoft’s Azure cloud. This allows seamless, direct, two-way dialing between the two platforms; so users of both platforms can easily call each other, or join the same Skype meeting.  


4. Video calling: (“Point-to-point calling”)

Rather than using a virtual meeting room for group meetings, video calling is simply direct calling between two video addresses. It makes for a great, flexible addition to scheduled (or unscheduled) meetings. By using a professional videoconferencing network, rather than the consumer video platforms many of your teams may have experienced, you can expect robust performance even the biggest global enterprises can rely on. These type of calls can become a true business tool to replace large amounts of email and chat channels with reliable face-to-face communication between people, not screens. More conversations, more interaction, more collaboration.

5. Different uses by different teams 

You will probably find that different teams in your company will have very different types of video collaboration. For example:

- HR - recruitment or training courses

- Sales - product demos, follow up calls

- Consultants - client workshops/delivery

- Management - more effective incident / emergency response

- Customer support - onboarding / after sales care

- Engineering - improved transfer of knowledge to production / manufacturing locations

- Organizational - offering an efficient work from home policy for more convenience and better work-life balance

- Lawyers - better contract review than audioconferencing / ability to meet more clients and increase billable hours

4. What’s included in each plan?

How much will videoconferencing actually cost your organization? Well it depends on how many users and devices you would like to activate. As we’re a cloud solution, it's super easy to buy the number of user plans and device subscriptions you need, then add new users and subscriptions as your company's needs grows.

Our paid plans are available with two payment options: 
  • Monthly (each subscription billed and renewed every 30 days)
  • Annual (prepay option which provides 20% discount per subscription (equivalent of paying price of 10 months at monthly pricing)  
Contact us for further details on pricing:
Included in User Subscriptions: Videxio Teams / Videxio Enterprise

Activates teams and individual users for high quality video meetings and video calls from any device.   

All user plans include unlimited calling minutes for each virtual meeting room, including for external guests and audioconferencing participants. Each plan is fully “inclusive”, with each meeting room supporting dial-in for up to 50 participants, in any combination of devices. This means you won’t be charged for trying to connect more than one videoconferencing room system or device (SIP/h.323) into the same meeting, unlike other services that sometimes charge an additional fee per SIP/H.323 device connected into a meeting. 

Each subscription plan includes your meeting room with support for multiple devices and platforms. How you choose to connect is up to you; how your guests choose to join is entirely up to them!

1) Videxio Teams  

2 Meeting Room options with unlimited video dial-in

All plans include a virtual meeting room for video meetings of up to 50 participants. Each meeting room has a unique standards-based video dialing address. 

Choose between two licensing options for meeting rooms, both enabling unlimited dial-in for video meetings with no time restrictions. The two options are:

i) A personal video account (a personal VMR combined with a personal video address)

ii) A team video account (a team VMR managed by company admin user or users)

The difference comes from the additional functionality provided by a personal video account, which alongside a personal meeting room, activates a single user with a unique personal video address together with a personal login.

Unlimited Video Calling (no meeting room required

Personal video addresses can be used to make unlimited video calls to other video supported by our global video network. Use video calls to replace or escalate email threads or chat tools:    

- Think of this video address in similar terms to a mobile phone number

- It enables unlimited, direct "point-to-point" video calling between any “standards-based” video address (so the address does not have to be on your company network)

- The user can place and receive ad hoc video calls, and view their calling history, on any of their devices using the My Meeting Video app, for desktop, mobile, and web

- The My Meeting Video app for desktop, mobile, and web lets you manage your video calls across all your devices, and event let's you receive calls from your video contacts inside your browser!  

Free Live Streaming / recording from your meeting room

All Teams plans include Videxio Live, our live streaming and recording integration as standard. However, it should be ordered for the service to be turned on.

When switched on, Videxio Live is available to all users as a self-service feature, and allows users to create a live streaming / recording event from inside: 

  • Regular users: their personal meeting room
  • Company admin users: any personal or team room they have access permissions for

It is totally free to add one or both integration options:

i) YouTube (simple)

ii) RTMP (advanced)

Read more about Videxio Live and how to combine live streaming / recording with professional videoconferencing here.

Free Audioconferencing

Each meeting room supports dial-in for participant using traditional audioconferencing (PSTN telephony) so that guests can still join even if video is inconvenient or unavailable for a specific meeting.

  • One Audioconferencing user counts as one participant in a meeting room
  • Toll numbers for over 60 countries worldwide
  • We also support VoIP / audio-only data calling via the My Meeting Video app for mobile   
ii) Videxio Enterprise

Includes all features from the Videxio Teams plan to activate personal video accounts at scale across your company with other enterprise features as required by the customer: 

  • The cost for each license offers large discounts due to buying high volume subscriptions
  • Since we understand no two enterprises are alike, you can get in touch with our sales team to learn more about our flexible solutions and pricing options to suit your needs

Read more about Videxio videoconferencing solutions for enterprise.

Optional Add-ons 

For both the Teams and Enterprise plan we offer additional features and services to make managing video collaboration easier for both your company and your users:

  • Domain hosting: matches your video addresses with your company email domain instead of using the domain
    • Can also be added to device subscriptions
  • Single-sign on (SSO): authenticate users with their existing user credentials so they log in to the service with the same login / password as your company's other tools  

Device Subscriptions: Videxio for Video Units 

Subscription plans for purpose-built videoconferencing room systems. Compatible with professional videoconferencing "SIP" devices from industry-leading manufacturers, including Cisco, Polycom, Huawei, and more. 

Each subscription activates a single videoconferencing unit on the Videxio service with unlimited minutes for direct, point-to-point video calling to any other standards-based video address (on any video network). This includes all Videxio hosted meeting rooms and for calling a personal video address registered on a Videxio user plan.

i) Videxio for Video Units (Premium)

For larger meeting room systems and enhanced Skype for Business collaboration

Comes with our Skype for Business Gateway service as standard. Connects your SIP device to your Skype for Business user environment via Microsoft's cutting-edge enterprise cloud solution, Azure.  

  • Max call rate: 3 mbps / 1080p HD or better
  • Simple two-calling between your device and Skype for Business users
  • Simple two-way calling between your device and Skype for Business meetings

ii) Videxio for Video Units (Plus)

Suitable for executive video and medium sized room system

  • Max call rate: 1.5 mbps / 720p HD or better

iii) Standard 

  • Max. call rate 768 mbps 
  • Suitable for huddle rooms and small meeting rooms
  • Standard definition or better

Videxio for Units is ideal for combining with Videxio Teams or Enterprise to ensure sure both your users and meeting rooms and huddle room spaces are fully equipped to benefit from the power of live video collaboration in any combination of users, technology and workflows.

Watch! Check out the video below of how easy we make it to set up register purpose-built videoconferencing room systems (SIP devices) on the Videxio service: 

5. FAQs for IT Teams

For a comprehensive overview of our network, architecture, and data and security processes you can visit our dedicated page for IT and admin users here. But here are some quick answers to the most common questions we get from IT professionals:

i) We built and maintain our own dedicated cloud video network, which serves all our users so your video is not carried over public internet networks.

ii) Our network has true global presence with multiple PoPs (“points of presence”) in 15 physical locations, including being one of the only service providers with PoPs for calling into and out of China.

iii) We use SSL and full media encryption for all video user and content sharing.

iv) Registering a videoconferencing device on the Videxio service provides a dedicated IP address for your device as well as firewall traversal, so you easily can place and receive calls with external video networks safely behind your corporate firewall.

v) Our SSO (“single sign-on”) is supported by SAML 2.0 technology.

vi) We offer domain hosting, which allows you to create branded video addresses to match your company email domain.

vii) We offer simple features for end users to add extra security, by adding host or guest user PINs to meeting rooms, whilst hosts can “lock” a room to stop any new participants joining an active meeting.  

viii) We can work with Skype for Business environments - on-prem, hybrid, or cloud - so long as your Skype for Business environment supports “open federation” or is pointed towards Videxio’s Microsoft domain.

6. Driving User Adoption

How do you make sure people use actually use video collaboration tools enough to the point where they become as natural as any other type of meeting or face-to-face conversation at work? Success relies on a great user experience and consistent performance people can trust. 

Video should be reliable enough for people to turn it into a daily habit. We've made it as simple as possible to schedule, invite and join a video meeting in just a few seconds. 

Our Help Center offers lots of resources for regular users to help them get started and how to use different features as they more familiar with Videxio. 

Customer Success

Our customer success team has developed complete onboarding programs for large scale implementation at bigger organization, having successfully trained thousands of users, from experienced videoconferencers to absolute beginners.

For onboarding, our team has this advice:

"Users often begin by treating their personal VMR in a similar way to a physical meeting room, using it only for predefined, booked meetings. But the companies who are most successful in maximizing the potential of videoconferencing help their users, to understand their VMR in terms of a truly flexible, digital workspace.

They learn they can use without physical or time restrictions; they have the ability to organize large-scale video collaboration and content sharing in moments, with virtually anyone, at any time. It's a space that fits around the team, not the other way around."

Hanne Cecilie, Enterprise Customer Success Manager

7. Getting Started with Videxio: 30-day Free trial 

We offer a 30-day free trial for all our subscriptions. Simply fill out a trial request form and let us know which services you’d like to use as part of your trial. Our sales team will then order your trial and be in touch to make sure we can answer any other questions as you begin.

Get started with a 30-day free trial of Videxio’s device subscription plans It’s simple to get started on our device subscription plans, Videxio for Video Units. Simply fill out the contact form and tell us which plan you’d like to try - Premium, Plus, or Standard. Our sales team will order your trial and  get in touch to answer any questions you might have.   We offer plug ‘n’ play activation for SIP videoconferencing units via our Autoprovisioning app so you can get your video system on the Videxio network in just a few seconds 

To trial the Skype for Business gateway as part of a premium Videxio for Video Units plan (device subscriptions) your IT team should ensure your Skype for Business environment has “open federation”, or is using the Videxio Microsoft domain

Instructions for Skype for Business federation can be found in this Help Center article 

  Start your free trial

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