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Case Study / Non-Profit

EAT Foundation

Based in Oslo, Norway, EAT is a global initiative linking food, health and sustainable development; across science, business and policy. The overall objective is to expand scientific knowledge on the interconnections between food, health and environmental sustainability

Why Cloud Video:

  • Wanted to work with a global team as well as consultants and partners from all over the world 
  • Needed a reliable service to hold extended meetings to replace audio calls from team members in Indonesia 
  • Needed to reduce air travel to better achieve their vision of sustainable living
  • “Work everywhere, travel less” philosophy

How Video Is Used:

“If you want to change the world, you have to work with the best”.
Video allows Eat to work with the best people in their field, irrespective of where they are. The team is dispersed globally, and all have different schedules and preferences for devices. Weekly video meetings with team members in Indonesia have replaced long, expensive audio calls, as the users can join the Videxio service through Wi-Fi. People have been able to replace the consumer video services they were using but found unreliable, but continue using the same technology with minimal disruption to their personal routines.

Provides Real Benefits:

As well giving the team flexibility in their working habits, and accommodating different time zones, Eat has benefited from better relationship building. Meeting with, and assessing new international partners, is more efficient as a strong initial connection can be established on video in a shorter timeframe, rather than waiting for an extended period before traveling to meet potential partners in person. But more important than saving on travel expenses, is how video has helped align them more closely to their sustainable living principles, reducing their carbon footprint, yet still working with a global strategy.

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