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Bank ID

Bank ID provides secure digital identification and digital signature services to the entire Norwegian banking industry.

Bank ID provide secure digital identification and digital signature services to the entire Norwegian banking industry, as well as public digital services and other industries. Their services are used by around 3.5 million people in Norway.

Bank ID had already been users of videoconferencing for a while when they started looking for a cloud service. Their search was spurred by the need to talk to customers and partners who were using different platforms and systems to conduct conference calls. Bank ID required a means of connecting with these contacts simply and seamlessly on video. With the Videxio service they have been able to do exactly that.

Bank ID have given each team member their own virtual meeting room (VMR). This means that these individuals can invite participants to their meeting room from the device and platform of their choice, as and when they need to get together. They don’t need to squeeze into a conference room, wait for people to travel to their offices or search for a suitable room for the number of people to be involved in the meeting. Now they can just go ahead and connect. If they do, however, still want to use a physical meeting space, that option is also available to them through dedicated videoconferencing units registered to the Videxio service.

One specific use of the Virtual Meeting Room feature is for crisis management. When the Bank ID team needs to convene a meeting at short notice to manage a technical outage, the dedicated VMRs dramatically simplify the response process. With their previous solution, a system admin user had to create a new meeting link and send out invitations each time. When an admin user wasn’t available, this would delay the start of the meeting. The dedicated VMRs solved this by providing a fixed address the team could dial into in the same way every time. Bank ID’s existing service had also proven to be too unreliable for critical meetings, with poor video and/or audio quality and dropped calls. The Videxio service is built on a network that is designed specifically for video traffic and doesn’t use the public internet. This means that the video quality is better and the chance that a video call will fail due to network interruption is minimal.

Banks ID’s management believed in the power of visual communication and wanted to encourage the use of video throughout their whole organization. The implementation of the Videxio service has helped them do this. They say their staff are happier using video now as the Videxio service is easy to use and highly reliable and lets them connect with their internal and external contacts without problems.

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