MyVidexio personal user features

MyVidexio personal user features

  • Connect up to 30 video and audio participants in a virtual meeting room (VMR)
  • Download software clients to make videoconferencing widely accessible
  • Enter the meeting with video conference systems, software clients or your browser
  • Secure meetings with pincode and Lock Conference features
  • Schedule VMR meetings using Microsoft Outlook
  • Use iOS / Android App for instant mobile meeting access
  • Access monthly overview and call details.
MyVidexio administrator features

MyVidexio administrator features

  • Enjoy centralized management of your subscription services
  • Access real time and historical usage information
  • Add and remove users with drag and drop functionality
  • Provide remote assistance for all virtual meeting rooms
  • Manage ongoing conferences.
Microsoft Outlook integration

Microsoft Outlook integration

  • Scheduling video meetings is straightforward when you schedule directly in Microsoft Outlook
  • Call details and dial-in information will automatically be entered into the Outlook calendar of all meeting participants
MyMeeting Audio for iOS and Android

MyMeeting Audio for iOS and Android

  • Join video meetings over the phone with a single click.
  • Automatically dials local number based on location.
  • Invite participants using your email contacts.
  • Schedule calls using your calendar.

MyVidexio Administrator

MyVidexio User