Smart roaming

If you are ever moving your Videxio subscription or traveling to another location, we'll make sure your device automatically connects to the nearest data center on our network. This ensures the lowest latency and best quality video experience.

Twin subscriptions

Give the same video address to several subscriptions. Useful if you want the same address on your software client as on your office or home endpoint. When called, twin or triplet subscriptions will ring on all devices simultaneously, and the call can be picked up on any of them.

Domain hosting

Get all your company video addresses on your internet domain, so that your video address can become the same as your company email address.

Our low latency, QoS video network ensures the best quality experience possible

International video traffic between our data centers (Videxio PoP) will use our guaranteed-capacity network, and the optimal call routing between the PoPs will ensure minimum network delay, jitter and packet loss.  Our redundant datacenters have automated monitoring and are hot swappable for maximum redundancy, reliability and security.