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We know that for customers, seeing is believing. That is why we think the best way to distribute our service is through channel partners who can have a dialogue with customers about their collaboration needs, and who can demonstrate the real thing.

Videxio – The partner friendly video service provider

Videxio – The partner friendly video service provider

Videxio is a partner centric service provider that offers a unique automated video service. A partnership with Videxio enables you to expand your current offering and to provide your customers with an industry leading video cloud service − today and in the future!

A partnership with Videxio will suit most partners who sell Telepresence equipment and services today. We offer two programs: You can either re-sell the service as is, or use it to offer a global solution as part of your existing managed service solution: “Powered By Videxio”. In both cases we ensure that you benefit from a compelling and profitable sales and deployment model.

Contact us if your organization has got what it takes to distribute the most innovative service provider offering for professional video.

Expand your reach

Expand your reach

A partnership with Videxio allows you to expand your reach, simplify selling  and reduce your risk, while making good profit and having fun doing it!

  • Capacity in the cloud and expanding coverage that makes it easy to scale the offering.
  • Innovative and disruptive solutions that enables new offerings.
  • A fully automated subscription service and automated endpoint configuration applications. New endpoints can be drop-shipped to the customer sites and configured by the end user. No technical expertise is required.
Simplify selling

Simplify selling

  • Low entry level for new customers.
  • Easy to scale for installed base.
  • Easy expansion to existing customers.
  • Automated trial subscriptions for endpoints and other devices.

Reduce risk

  • No financial risk of investments in own solution/service.
  • Reduced operational and strategic risk for solution/service.
  • Reduced risk of technological obsolescence of solution/service. Videxio invests heavily in continuous R&D.

Healthy business

  • Recurring revenue with healthy margins.
  • Lower sales cost as the Videxio service is easy to sell and shortens the sales cycle.
  • No ongoing development costs.
  • Sales incentives.
  • Videxio provides an industry leading team of professionals to help grow your business.
  • Dedicated Partner support.