Videxio control is the first application that gives customers and partners a way to access and control their own virtual conferences in the cloud. For our partners it means that they can build additional managed services on top of the Videxio platform, as well as being able to do operations on live calls and conferences.

For customers this means that the IT administrator can manage and control all of the company’s virtual meeting rooms. This allows the customers to have a full control, yet get the benefit of having a redundant and scalable resource in the cloud.


The Videxio Control application allows easy and quick access to:

  • Add participants directly from the corporate phone book
  • Add participants by dialing any URI or IP address
  • Remove participants
  • Mute participants
  • Get updated connection details and call history
  • Send invite details on email
  • Start and stop recording of the conference
  • Download recorded conferences locally
  • Upload recordings to the cloud for BYOD distribution.

Videxio Control is available upon request from today through our partners. Read more about our virtual meeting room services here,
or visit our booth #1990 at Infocomm, Orlando.

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