Oslo, Norway, 1st April, 2015 – Videxio, a leading cloud video service provider, today declared that they are working on plans to extend their global videoconferencing network to Mars, in preparation for the first human settlement of the planet which is forecast for 2020. Video calls are especially sensitive to network conditions and top quality calls require great coverage. Videxio currently operates a dedicated video network that guarantees high quality calls across the globe through a network of data centers (PoPs). With predictions from the Mars One team (mars-one.com) that the best possible video call from Mars will suffer up to a 20 minute delay, Videxio sees the need to remedy this situation by establishing special protocols and a dedicated data center.

“For Videxio, the sky is not the limit,” said Tom-Erik Lia, CEO of Videxio. “In the true spirit of a cloud service, we believe that our users should be able to use the service where they need it, when they need it. We have recently experienced an explosive growth on the Videxio service, with an increase in usage of 200% in the last 6 months. The growth in usage on the Videxio service is reflected in the market for cloud videoconferencing in general, with an expected annual growth rate of 39% from 2014-2019. Based on these growth predictions, we feel it makes sense to put in place plans for future expansion which include Mars.”

For the first settlers on Mars, it will not be technically feasible for them to return home. This means that it will be essential for them to communicate with their family and friends by video. Videxio is working to make sure that the video communication options open to them will be of the highest standard.

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Tom Erik Lia, CEO Videxio, Mob: +47 98289872, Email/video: tom.erik.lia@videxio.com

Gillian Dalslaaen, Director of Marketing, Mob: +47 40461025, Email/video: gillian.dalslaaen@videxio.com