Tip of the Week

3rd September 2015 by Gillian Dalslaaen

“How can I join a video meeting while on the go?”


You’ve scheduled a meeting to your Virtual Meeting Room (VMR) and while videoconferencing is your preferred way of collaborating, you are on the go and can’t access video.


Simplify your life by using the My Meeting Audio mobile app to dial into your VMR through a single click from your smartphone.

Whether you are at the airport, on a train or in the car, the app will dial into your VMR, including your Host PIN code, and place you into your meeting. From your smart phone, you can also invite participants and schedule meetings to your VMR.

To download the App go to the download section of your MyVidexio user portal or download it from Google Play or the AppStore.

For more information, download the My Meeting Audio product sheet.