Tip of the Week

25th June 2015 by Gillian Dalslaaen

​“How can I add people to my video meeting that are not currently video users?”


I want to have a video meeting but not all the people I want to meet with have access to videoconferencing. What do I do?


As a subscriber to the Videxio service, your Virtual Meeting Room (VMR) provides extensive videoconferencing reach.

You can of course invite participants to join from any standards-based videoconferencing system (e.g. Cisco or Polycom). The meeting invitation will provide them with the information they need to join the meeting as guests even if they are not on the Videxio service.

Users can also join from Microsoft Skype for Business (formerly Lync) and Skype. In addition, WebRTC is a browser-based video application that enables your guests to join from their Chrome browser … all they need is access to internet and a camera enabled PC.

With Videxio, virtually everyone can be video enabled to join you in your VMR.

For us, that's what the meeting experience is all about - being able to communicate and collaborate with whom you want, when you want - on high quality video.