My Meeting Video Android (v.1.1)

16th September 2016

The Videxio product team has been hard at work making improvements to My Meeting Video. The Android Tablet version is available now - iPad version coming soon!

My Meeting Video is a software client that turns your PC, Mac, Android or iOS tablet into a powerful videoconferencing device, allowing you to connect securely in high quality audio and video with your colleagues and business partners across the globe. We have just launched a range of new improvements to My Meeting Video for Android tablets - watch out for the iPad version which will follow soon!

(NEW) Join calls without logging in

  • You can now join meeting rooms without logging in! Just paste your meeting URL, room address or conference ID when you open the app (if you are not logged in).

  • Join a meeting room without logging in. The app even sometimes knows when you’ve copied a valid link and pastes it in for you!
  • You can add an optional display name when joining without logging in.

(NEW) Advanced options

  • You can now join meeting rooms while only receiving audio and screen shares and sending audio only. Perfect for joining meetings while you’re on the move.

  • You can now disable your camera, microphone or both by default before joining calls. Join a meeting discreetly without making noise or join without showing your surroundings.
  • Accessible to both non-logged in and logged-in users

In call experience has been improved

  • Button layout has been improved for better ergonomics when holding your tablet with two hands

  • (NEW) You can now turn your camera on and off during meetings.

  • (NEW) You can now toggle between the front and rear cameras of your tablet. Great for when you’d like to share something during a meeting with the wider-lens back camera.

  • (NEW) You can now move the screen share/participant camera feed and your camera feed around the screen

  • Easily hide the screen share/participant camera feed and your camera feed by dragging them to the edge of the screen

  • Double tap the other participants’ video to crop out to reveal their entire camera feed. Double tap to crop in again to remove the black bars.

  • Double tap an incoming screen share/presentation to crop in

  • Zoom in by pinching after cropping in to zoom in further.

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