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Making a Strong Case for Videoconferencing

Making a Strong Case for Videoconferencing

1st March 2017

The hunt for tools that will help people be more productive is one every business engages with, and law firms are no exception. On the face of it, videoconferencing is a match made in heaven for law firms; practicing law involves a lot of discussions, so anything that facilitates more effective or efficient dialogue between multiple stakeholders seems like a no-brainer.

Be More Human with Videoconferencing (and Shrink Your Inbox)

Be More Human with Videoconferencing (and Shrink Your Inbox)

6th February 2017

In business, as in life, there are two occasions you should meet in person: the first time you meet someone important, and when you have something significant to celebrate. For everything else, there’s video. So why do we use email to deliver our important messages?

Get More from Your  Service - Manage Video Meetings Using Just Your Keyboard

Get More from Your Service - Manage Video Meetings Using Just Your Keyboard

20th January 2017

In an effort to make it simpler to participate in and manage your video meetings and calls, you might have seen we've added new functions to our web app. And alongside functions such as being able to mute your camera or microphone before joining a meeting, we updated the user interface for a simpler user experience.

4 Benefits of Cloud Video: Enterprise Video Meetings On The Go

4 Benefits of Cloud Video: Enterprise Video Meetings On The Go

2nd January 2017

In days gone by enterprise video primarily relied on large, expensive hardware systems installed in physical conference rooms. This tended leave videoconferencing communications traditionally centered around rigid, carefully planned scheduling and physical conference rooms.

Welcome to a Totally New Videxio Web Experience!

Welcome to a Totally New Videxio Web Experience!

15th December 2016

Our mission has always been to make video communication as fun and easy as possible for any business, and we have now built a better, more friendly user experience than ever before.

How To Use Cloud Videoconferencing For Crisis Management

How To Use Cloud Videoconferencing For Crisis Management

5th December 2016

Because videoconferencing has traditionally been anchored in fixed video systems installed within physical conference rooms, it's usually more associated with scheduled communications, where hosts and guests have the time to organize their attendance with plenty of notice. Monthly board meetings, or weekly updates? Great. Unplanned or emergency scenarios? Not so great.

How Video For The Enterprise Went Mobile

How Video For The Enterprise Went Mobile

11th November 2016

In our latest customer story, we examine in more detail how cloud videoconferencing was implemented in a global enterprise with a large, mobile workforce spread throughout the world.

My Meeting Video Android (v.1.1)

16th September 2016

The Videxio product team has been hard at work making improvements to My Meeting Video. The Android Tablet version is available now - iPad version coming soon!

How Video Collaboration is Reimagining Education

5th September 2016

Video collaboration has made a huge impact on the way we do business and interact with people across the globe. Now, it’s making waves in the education sector. It's changing how - and where - students learn, offering opportunities in spite of income barriers and across geographic borders.

I Have a Dream

2nd September 2016

In this short article CEO, Tom Erik Lia, explains the vision that led to the foundation of Videxio and invites you, as we expand the team, to be part of that vision - to put video at the heart of every conversation!

Proud to be Cloud

21st October 2015

Tom-Erik Lia, CEO at Videxio, summarizes his observations from the Company's recent Partner Leadership Summit.

Improving Business Efficiency Through Cloud Video

24th September 2015

Business managers are more concerned with how video meets their business goals than how it works. Common business challenges that video conferencing helps solve are improving operational efficiency, controlling costs, and improving customer service to gain competitive advantage.

Tip of the Week

3rd September 2015

“How can I join a video meeting while on the go?”

Tip of the Week

4th August 2015

How can I ensure privacy in my video call?

​It’s Time To Reconsider Everything We Know About Videoconferencing

7th July 2015

The time has come to turn over a new leaf when it comes to videoconferencing, and it starts by delivering the video people not only want, but also the video they need so they can leverage the power of video communication to be a more connected and more productive organization.

Tip of the Week

25th June 2015

​“How can I add people to my video meeting that are not currently video users?”

​Videoconferencing Interop: More Important Than Ever

11th June 2015

Interoperability is a checkmark item for serious users of today's cloud videoconferencing solutions and is the key to unlocking the true potential of visual communications. Large, medium, or small, any business today requires a solution that works well with their pre-existing tools, as well as the tools of their partners and customers.

Tip of the Week

28th May 2015

“What’s the easiest way to schedule a video meeting?”

Tip of the Week

14th May 2015

​“How can I set up and organize a video meeting directly from my desktop?”

​Why Cloud is a Right Time, Right Place Kind of Offering…

28th April 2015

It's like we finally arrived. Perhaps nothing has truly changed the way video is used and perceived more than cloud. Dan Newman explains why cloud is the ultimate tool for allowing video to be utilized in the way that makes the most sense to each and every organization.